Our Company

MedRevenu Inc. is a California-based Revenue Cycle Management company that brings a totally new perspective to physician billing. Aside from being technically strong in medical billing and coding, we offer our value by providing thorough and complete revenue cycle solutions to physician practices.

We believe that there are three determining factors to maximize physician reimbursement: the right system, the right biller, and the right accounts receivable managers. These are critical components to a successful billing cycle.

Our Billing System
Although most billing systems can bill medical claims, not all have other critical follow through components to get doctors PAID. Before MedRevenu started, the founders did a thorough and extensive system vendor selection beforechoosing the best and most comprehensive system software in the market – Medinformatix.

Our Medical Billers
MedRevenu billers are cross-trained and highly skilled in every aspect of the billing cycle. They are not only informed and updated on billing codes, but are also knowledgeable and competent on the entire billing process.

Moreover, our billers have extensive experience in working with various Payors like
Medicare, Medicaid (i.e. Medi-Cal), Workman’s Compensation, HMO’s, IPA’s, PPO’s, etc. This knowledge, coupled with the company’s values, assures our clients of trustworthy billers that can deliver their needs and obtain maximum results.

Our Accounts Receivable Managers
At MedRevenu, not only do we have a comprehensive billing system and an experienced team of billers, but we also boast of having competitive accounts receivable managers.

AR Managers step back and take a look at the accounts receivable in its entirety. They take issues and concerns that billers have in a micro level. They then see patterns and determine how these affect the accounts receivable in the macro level.

Being commonly ignored by most medical billing companies, having prudent accounts receivable managers is the extra step to truly MAXIMIZE our clients’ revenues. This is the MedRevenu advantage.

Our Values

Dedication and Commitment to Our Client’s Success
We at MedRevenu, do more for our client physicians without expecting more because we respect the value that they provide to our community. We make sure that we exert all efforts, such as utmost accuracy and vigorous follow up, to maximize their revenue. Our clients’ success is our success.

Honesty and Integrity in Our Actions
Although maximum reimbursement is our goal for our clients, we make sure that all ethical standards and government guidelines (HIPAA, Medicare, etc.) are followed. We adhere to the highest standards of discipline, diligence, and dedication in our work to ensure the highest reimbursement for our physician clients.

Flexibility to the Unique Needs of Each Client
We respect that each doctor is different and has unique needs. That is why we are always ready to address additional requests such as ad hoc (on-the-fly) reports and personal assistance whenever the physicians need it. Through this, we fine-tune our billing cycle approach to personally suit our client’s individual needs.

Accessibility for Our Clients
We value our physicians’ time. Because of this, we are always available for our clients, even after office hours. We also hold meetings on a regular basis for updates and clarifications, if needed.

Thorough and Efficient Internal Workflow Processes
MedRevenu’s well-designed billing cycle workflow processes involve close monitoring and guidance from management. This ensures extensive and persistent follow up on outstanding accounts. This, in turn, translates to our client’s peace of mind that each and every account is appropriately resolved.

Teamwork and Collaboration to Achieve Common Goals
We believe in proper collaboration with our valued doctors. It is our conviction that creating synergy with our clients gives us mutual success. At the same time, we also strongly believe in the proper collaboration between our managers and our staff to ensure that our clients receive the best service.

Transparency through Communication
We believe in the importance of communication. We make it a point that the physicians are updated on the status of their accounts, and that they are informed of our next steps and strategies. Conversely, we also maintain transparency between the management and staff for an excellent working culture and productive environment.

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