Added Value

MedRevenu provides thorough and complete Revenue Cycle Management
with minimal physician involvement. This allows our physicians to focus
on what they do best – PRACTICE MEDICINE.

In addition, MedRevenu offers added value to our clients such as:

Customized and Personalized Service

We understand that each and every physician is unique; each with their own special needs and priorities. Unlike most medical billing companies who only have a standard process for all their clients, we custom-fit our program for each of our physicians. Our goal is to address their specific requirements by providing recommendations to improve their billing process – thus creating a fully customized program that best suits their needs.

Fully Accessible Account Representatives

Most representatives from medical billing companies respond to the physician’s inquiries with limited accessibility and availability. At MedRevenu, we focus on giving personal attention to each and every client. Our account representatives are available anytime to address physician’s needs, even after office hours. We also schedule regular meetings with physicians to discuss updates and plans on how to enhance our services.

Complete and Intuitive Reporting Tools

Inadequate transparency is a major problem most medical billing services have. Canned reports, which physicians don’t always understand, offer only a limited scope on what the physicians really want to know.

MedRevenu offers comprehensive, clear, and intuitive reporting tools for the client’s audit and control. We provide customized reports and plans to suit your practice. Our account managers provide you with regular status reports as well as recommended strategies to achieve better results – translating into your peace of mind.

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