MedRevenu provides customized solutions in order to meet your particular needs. We address any request with professionalism and skill, and constantly work to exceed your needs.

Consultation and Process Improvements

With every client, we begin with a one-one-one consultation to have an overview of the practice’s current billing process. We understand that each and every physician is unique; each with their own special needs and priorities. Unlike other medical billing companies who only have a generic process for all their clients, we custom-fit our process for each of our physicians. Our goal is to address their specific requirements by providing recommendations to improve and customize their billing process.

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Revenue Cycle

MedRevenu provides an efficient and accurate medical billing process for our clients. What sets us apart from other medical billing companies is our understanding of the revenue cycle and all of its intricacies, especially when it comes to physician billing.
  • Billing and demographics data are collected daily, either electronically or physically picked up from the physician’s office.
  • As soon as data is received, information is encoded in our system by our highly-skilled billers. Our claim resolution experts are well trained in all aspects of the billing cycle, and are guided by standards of quality, accuracy and productivity.
  • To ensure fast submission, claims are transmitted electronically to most payors nationwide. For those unable to receive electronic submissions, claims are sent on paper instead.

  • Payments are posted as soon as deposit batches are received. Actual revenue is continuously monitored in comparison to the expected amount to ensure monthly and annual averages are met.

Follow-up and Insurance Collections
  • Most medical billing service companies focus solely on maximizing their billing and payment posting. At MedRevenu, not only do we strengthen our billing and posting processes, but we also provide special emphasis on extensive follow-up and insurance collections.
  • We continuously track claims that are unpaid, denied, or mis-adjudicated. We conduct further research to identify the cause, aggressively follow-up, and send appeals in order to resolve claims thoroughly.

Patient Balance Collections
  • Patient balances are billed through monthly statements. Phone call follow-ups are also made to remind patients on their outstanding balance. Our billing specialists, on the other hand, are ready to receive and directly answer calls from patients should they have questions on their bill.
  • We provide our clients the option to resolve patient balances by either setting up a patient payment plan or sending the balances to a third-party collection agency.

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Revenue Cycle Management is not very popular in physician billing. The founders of MedRevenu however, believe that it is financially crucial to the success of one’s practice. In fact, MedRevenu was formed with the philosophy that physicians deserve the detail and completeness of revenue cycle methodologies used by top educational and research hospitals in the country. Through this, the company aims to take physician medical billing to new levels by integrating these methodologies in its internal processes. This in turn, maximizes reimbursements and increases revenues.

  • Denial Management and Process Feedback
    Most medical billing service companies don’t even capture and post denials in their process. The inability to track these denials consequently deprives the practice the chance of improving their front-end work process.

    At MedRevenu, not only do we capture and track your denials, but we also provide process feedback to improve front-end operations. This way, denials can be prevented before they happen by sending correct and more accurate claims.

  • Accounts Receivable Analysis and Management
    Most medical billing companies focus on billing and coding, leaving accounts receivable partially managed or not managed at all. This leads to inefficiency and unnecessary write offs that decrease reimbursements.

    Our extensive experience in working with top hospitals has given us the predisposition to always look at the macro level – or the big picture – in order to develop strategies to maximize reimbursement. Our clients can be confident that the accounts are not only billed correctly but also prudently managed.

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